My Vegan consulting services consist of:

Show cooking – Training

Companies in the Vegan and non-Vegan industry can avail themselves of my collaboration, either at their own premises or at exhibition centers, by entertaining clients with my Show Cooking.
My experience can be of use to companies that wish to become more knowledgeable on the Vegan world and train their Staff accordingly, thus allowing them to always be prepared and up-to-date on market requests.

“Research and development” Consultancy

My devoted quest to satisfy the demands and needs of this market allows me to professionally and accurately manage and develop new products for your company, with the aim of satisfying and retaining customers. This will certainly give a surplus value to non-Vegan activities and will increase selection choices for companies already in this industry.

Social media marketing – media partner

Targeted advertising on Social media, and particularly on Facebook, is currently the winning marketing choice to promote your company and to validate the quality of your products. The “Social Media Marketing Courses” (with specialization in Facebook), which I took in 2011, helped me to expand my Facebook page in a short time. You can choose a type of collaboration for your every need:
Post and Repost (also on La Stella Vegan), in order to promote your brand or your products with personalized text or graphics.
– Full or partial management of your company’s Facebook pages, benefiting from the advice of my graphic management, if so desired.

Personalized menus

Do you have a restaurant, B&B, Delicatessen, Bar, Vegan or non-Vegan Hotel and would like to offer or diversify your menu? Together we can create an exclusive menu which will space from appetizers to desserts. The choices can also be widened and cover gluten-free, yeast-free, raw food, etc..

Business consultancy – Representation in Italy or Abroad

Looking for new or potential clients? Since 1992 I have kept myself up to date on the Vegan choice through my travels. My customer portfolio (which covers any targeted selection in the Vegan world, ranging from clothing, to food, to holidays, to the publishing industry, etc.) is the result of my many trips and numerous collaborations with various companies.

Catering and parties

Companies can avail themselves of my Show Cooking or my catering services for the preparation of full or partial Vegan menus (including intolerances, if so required) for their corporate or private events.

Sponsor & No Profit

If you wish to promote your company, your products or your social commitment, the best way to do it is to become a Sponsor during my Classes or Exhibitions. Each partnership is confidential and designed for both small and large organizations.
Partnerships are free for all Animal Rights and Environmental Associations.


All collaborations shall be confidential and designed for individuals or companies.

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