About myself

My name is Antonella, class of ’75, and when I decided back in 1992 to make this choice, the word “Vegan” really was a utopia. Many years have passed since that day in Milan when, while I was having lunch



Where to meet me all around the world, tasting my vegan dishes between events, fairs, show cooking, congresses and courses.   Past events:


Cooking classes

Cooking classes ★ My Cooking Classes are aimed at public and private companies and can be held for one or more participants. We can choose together a program to better suit your requirements. Classes begin with the Basic Course, which



In these years I have collaborated with various partners in several areas: ★ Siggi Group Spa ● Media Partner ● Sponsor Ufficiale Giacche da Chef personalizzate ★ LAV ● Collaborazione Pubblicitaria no profit ★ OIPA ● Collaborazione Pubblicitaria no profit


Consulting services

My Vegan consulting services consist of: Show cooking – Training ● Companies in the Vegan and non-Vegan industry can avail themselves of my collaboration, either at their own premises or at exhibition centers, by entertaining clients with my Show Cooking.


Contact me

Antonella La Stella Vegan Blogger e Chef Vegan   +39 370 1127649   La Stella Vegan Or fill the form below

About myself

My name is Antonella, Vegan since 1992, when just thinking about everything that I see today was still utopian. With the opening in 2011 of my “La Stella Vegan” page, one of the first in Italy to talk about this choice, I wanted to give everyone the honest and direct help which I did not receive at the time. During the past years I have expanded my skills, which were acquired also thanks to my many travels and to the Cooking Classes which I attended in California (the vegan homeland par excellence).

I have gained the trust of many enthusiastic followers and I realize more and more each day that they want and need a dedicated “point of reference” which can help them in the kitchen and in their everyday life. This is a world that covers everything that exists: you just need to know it, manage it and love it.